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I'm Alan, and I'm a graphic and motion designer who likes to tell stories through design.
Let me tell your story.

Out, Damned Spot
Droch Fhuil
Short Enough
DIY Conan
Little Shop of Horrors
Facts about Vaccines
Picture a Wave
Overlook Hotel
Virtual Christmas Card
Primary Planet
Christmas Carol
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I see graphic design
as visual storytelling. The aim of every poster, app, logo and social media animation is to communicate something, to tell a story to a new audience. With degrees in Moving Image Design from the National College of Art and Design, and film production from National Film School IADT, I believe that I have the skills to tell any number of stories visually. I have created design work for such clients as thisispopbaby, Friends of the Earth Europe and Una McKevitt Productions. I was also chosen as one of the ICAD Upstarts for 2020/21, and, through this, had the opportunity to work with a variety of world-reknowned creatives.

I enjoy working in a variety of methods, both digital and print, moving and still. Experimentation and play is key to my work. I have exerperience right across the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Cinema4D, UX Design and HTML/CSS coding knowledge. And I'm always eager to learn more skills and programs. But no piece of software can replace the creativity, storytelling and idea-generating are at the root of everything I do.

Let me tell your story today.
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